I am Ádám Plézer, a national of Hungary, a resident of Belgium, a world traveller, a diver, an aerial photography specialist, and considered by several local people as an honorary Seychellois. In any case, I am a huge fan of Seychelles! My aerial virtual tours are regularly published on, the world’s most renowned aerial photography platform dedicated to extreme resolution and highest quality aerial virtual tours, with more than 14 million visitors per year. My virtual tour on the Seychelles Inner islands got already 70 thousand views on airpano.


On this website you can see the result of my aerial photographic activities in the Seychelles - both in the Inner and the Outer islands. My purpose is to give you a sample, a taste of what is possible with today’s technology and hundreds of hours of stubborn work in front of a computer.


Of course I am no stranger to the Seychelles, in the past nine years I made eight trips to these fantastic islands. I even took my mom three times to the Seychelles! I have always liked photography, but it happened only two years ago that I finally found a photographic niche that is tailor-made for me: it is aerial photography, more specifically the creation of full 360° aerial virtual tours.


So how are these images made? These are not single exposures, not single clichés. The full 360° x 180° panoramas are prepared on the basis of 29 images made by a professional drone and another set of 15 images made from the ground with a Nikon camera, covering the upper part of the sky that the drone is incapable of capturing. Then all of these images have to be stitched together in a lengthy procedure lasting between 5 and 7 hours. I seek the technically most perfect results, so I try eliminate as many errors as possible. Each panorama is 28800 pixels wide, or 414 megapixels, roughly 47 times the size of 4K (or 264 megapixels as seen from the center of the full sphere when viewed as a tour, 30 times the size of 4K). This means gigantic images of more than 3 gigabytes, so you have a huge leeway of zooming in on them. All along the process of creating these images I use complete colour management from the first to the very last step. Images from the cameras are colour calibrated to ensure colour accuracy - to obtain colours that correspond to reality.


In May 2018 I held an exhibition in Budapest, capital of Hungary, which was opened by László Kiss, Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles. Here eight of my images were on display in their original, 1:1 size, at 300 ppi resolution - and this meant a staggering size, 2 meters and 30 cms wide, with an unbelievable amount of detail. One of the most unique characteristics of my images are their brutal size and resolution!


I hope you will appreciate this selection of images of Zil pros ek Zil elwannye and that it will give you a crystal clear idea of the possibilities provided by my work.


I am convinced that Aldabra deserves to be covered thoroughly by this type of photography and the people of the Seychelles deserve the chance to visit this remote atoll, and every little corner of it, at least virtually, through the unusual point of view that I am able to offer.




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